Calibration Kit


Calibration Kit


  • Automatic Blackbody Calibration
  • RS232 communication
  • 0.001°C digital thermometer
  • NIST traceable

The CK800R is used for precise calibration of CI’s Extended area blackbodies. It achieves outstanding results by using the most advanced thermally stable electronic circuitry. Temperature data of either the emitter, targets or the difference between them is digitally displayed. The CK800R includes a digital thermometer, PRT, CI’s automatic calibration software, calibration certificate and NIST traceability documentation.The CK-200 is a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable temperature calibration kit that enables fully automatic or semi-automatic recalibration of CI’s high temperature cavity blackbodies. The CK-200 includes a high precision digital thermometer, a type “S” thermocouple probe, an attachment for positioning the thermocouple in the blackbody cavity and software. The CK-200 transfers the accurately measured temperature to the computer, via RS 232 link. The software rewrites the new calibration values into the CK-200 controller, using IEEE-488 communication between the PC and the SR200.

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