F4 Laser Ammonia Leak Detection

Ammonia Leakage Laser Detector

F4 Laser Ammonia Leak Detection


  • No need to clean or replace the sensor
  • No need for regular or repeated correction
  • Optical induction rapid response
  • High sensitivity
  • High accuracy
  • High reliability
  • Can be integrated with SCADA
  • Gas does not need to float into the sensor

The Armonia leak in a frozen workplace is fatal. In October 2016, a gas leak detector must be installed in the AS/NZS 5149 strictly forced freezing zone. However, the existing Armonia detectors cannot meet the expectations of the owners. Traditional electrochemical sensors are inaccurate, unreliable, and loss quickly require frequent replacement and periodic or repeated corrections, which are quite expensive. Moreover, the frequent false alarms generated by traditional sensors can lose valuable production time and cause the owner to lose confidence in the sensor. Traditional detectors expose the reputation of companies and brands to risk and are subject to considerable losses and insurance liabilities. Therefore, the owners need an advanced solution that can strictly control the safety of the workplace. In view of this, we have finally developed a high-sensitivity pure optical detector with a high-reliability, zero-false alarm, zero-correction breakthrough advanced laser gas detection system to meet the urgent needs of contemporary owners.

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