Ultra CAM Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasonic Camera

Ultra CAM Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging


  • 124 low-noise sensors
  • Automatically Quantify leakage
  • Automatically measure distance
  • Automatically focus ultrasonic
  • Automatically calculate the dB value
  • 3200 lm High brightness fill light
  • Automatic flashlight while taking a picture
  • 170 degree super wide-angle
  • IP54 protection
  • Can be used in the big sun
  • Lightweight body
  • Built-in WiFi function
  • Support high volume interchangeable SD Card
  • Both Snapshot and Video record
  • Minimum detectable leakage <0.001 CFM
  • Regardless of kind of eakage gas
  • Good for vacuum and pressure leakage
  • Excellent for partial discharge detect

The surface of the Ultra CAM camera is composed of 124 ultrasonic sensors. When an ultrasonic wave from a sound source hits the surface, different sensors will detect it at different times. Use these time differences for Locate sound sources and display them as pictures. In addition, Ultra CAM can observe an unlimited number of sound sources simultaneously. The camera provides high-resolution clear images, and is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle 170-degree lens, allowing users to inspect a wide range of factories in a short time. It can provide 3200 lumens of illumination in a close range, and it is convenient to replace the SD card or WIFI File removal. EU explosion-proof safety certification model (optional).

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