Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge



  • Color screen display 320×240
  • Normal measurement mode and penetrating coating measurement mode
  • A scan and B scan mode
  • The probe can be automatically zeroed and calibrated
  • Automatic identification probe
  • Measuring range: 0.65-400.0mm
  • Gain, delay, gate, etc. can be adjusted automatically or manually
  • A scan large character display or B scan display
  • Standard 5MHz probe, optional other probes
  • Display resolution 0.01mm
  • Large-capacity memory can store 10,000 sets of data
  • Output data directly from USB
  • Can match Windows operating system
  • Calibration can be traced back to ASTM E0797-05

The T4 is an advanced multi-purpose ultrasonic thickness gauge. Easy to operate, with a very clear color display screen. Pulse-echo (P-E) standard and echo-echo (E-E) penetrating coatings are available in two measurement modes. And you can perform two different forms of scanning, A and B. It has automatic zero return correction of the probe and automatic identification capability of the probe. Measurement range P-E: 0.65 ~ 400.0mm, E-E: 3.00 ~ 25.0mm. Equipped with a standard 5 MHz transducer. A variety of transducers are available for purchase. The resolution is 0.01 mm. It can remember 10,000 readings in 100 files. Data can be accessed directly from the USB interface. Matches a Windows 32 or 64 bit operating system. Gains, gates, etc. can be adjusted automatically or manually. Support multiple languages. Calibration can be traced back to ASTM E0797-05.

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