Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge



  • A/B SCAN
  • Big screen color display
  • 15MHz single crystal probe
  • Ultra-thin measurement
  • 0.001mm Ultra-high resolution
  • Auto zero calibration
  • Secondary manual calibration
  • 100data x 100files storage
  • Data transfer via USB interface
  • Data freeze on screen

T6 is an ultrasonic thickness gauge special design for ultra-thin material measurement with a very clear color display. It is standard equipped with a 15 MHz ultrahigh-frequency transducer, the resolution is up to 0.001mm. T6 is capable to perform both pulse-echo and echo-echo, which for penetrating the coating layer, measuring modes, and do both A and B scan. T6 can perform both auto return to zero calibration and secondary manual calibration for probe head. The measuring range of T6 is pulse-echo: 1.500~20mm, echo-echo: 0.200~10mm. The memory capacity is up to 10,000data in 100files. The data can be retrieved via the USB interface without software.

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