IR Image Window

IR Window

IR Image Window


  • CEI 60529 standard (waterproof and dustproof test): IP 67 (LCIE2008)
  • CEI 62262 standard (mechanical impact test): IK 07 (LCIE2008)
  • CEI 60255-21-1 and CEI 600255-21-3 (Vibration and Seismic Category): Severity 1 (CETIM2008)
  • NEMKO and NEK-EN60439-3 and NEK511 (186)
  • UL certification (2008): USR and CNR recognized
  • Internal arc discharge loss test: NEMCO (1996), NATA (1997), KEMA (1998), ABB (1999), AREVA (2008)
  • Metal waterproof structure
  • Magnetic metal cover
  • Excellent light transmission in the spectrum of ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light
  • ABB/SIEMENS/ALSTON/Schneider/Rolls-Royce is widely used in well-known electrical equipment manufacturers

Electrical equipment is more or less intensive internal arcing, causing severe burns and even explosions that cause personal injury. In addition, it has been confirmed that about 40% of fires are caused by electrical equipment.Regular infrared thermal imaging testing of critical areas is an effective method for insurance companies to recommend and encourage customers through their financial advantages.However, such detection must first remove the protected chassis or open the door, so that the detector can directly see the designated area, which is time consuming and dangerous.The H.VIR thermal image window is specially designed and patented to avoid the danger and time consuming due to opening.The H.VIR thermal image window is economical, efficient and accurate, and has a number of safety protocols.The H.VIR thermal image window is available in a variety of sizes to meet different needs, saving time and effort.

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