Zirconia Oxygen Analysis

Oxygen Content Analyzer

Zirconia Oxygen Analysis


  • The zirconia electrode is welded with the latest ceramic metal to ensure air-tightness and prolong its service life.
  • Zirconia ceramics use water equalization technology of 1.5 tons or more, high mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance (high thermal shock caused by furnace shutdown and furnace open), high density, low porosity, and extremely durable electrodes.
  • The probe has a heater for temperature compensation, and the temperature is controlled by PCD technology to achieve an accuracy of 750 ° C ± 1 ° C. Guarantee measurement accuracy.
  • The measurement range can be set by the user. 0 ~ 20 Vol% O2 or 0 ~ 100 Vol% O2
  • Ultra-high-speed sampling frequency, measured 2000 times per second, all transient changes are not overlooked, and the average value is stably displayed to ensure that the peak-to-valley value is minimized.
  • Ceramic filter can resist high wind speed and high pressure without damage, and it is better than powder metallurgy filter.

The zirconia oxygen content detector is mainly used to determine the oxygen partial pressure in the boiler flue gas, that is, the volume concentration percentage of oxygen (oxygen content for short), which plays an important role in protecting the boiler operation safety, improving fuel combustion efficiency and reducing environmental pollution.
Its application places are:
Thermal power plant boilers, thermal power plant boilers, biomass power plant boilers.Hot air furnace, soaking furnace in power plant of iron plant, iron rolling mill.Refinery heating furnaces and oil pipeline heating furnaces.Power plant of electrolytic aluminum plant, roasting furnace, etc.
Industrial boilers for chemical, light textile, paper, pharmaceutical, cement and heating companies

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